August 06, 2009

Trying the New Japanese Restaurant

I realized that the bus I used to take to school would take another 15 minutes to arrive, I decided to have lunch first by taking another bus to Clementi Central, where KFC is. However, the thought of the kid who suffered brain damage (see my post about it), I decided to try the Japanese restaurant nearby. I kind of see that restaurant whenever I visit KFC for my meals but this is the first time I tried it out.

The waitress placed me near the window - I can't even see my monitor due to the light entering that window. I ordered fried Japanese dumpling, Chicken teriyaki, egg and rice. I am amazed that many Singapore restaurants practice pay-before-dine scheme. It is so strange and awkward, for someone accustomed to British style restaurants in Yangon which practices dine-first-bill-and-payment-later schemes. The drinks also is self-service. So awkward!

The meal came with complementary Japanese soup - which I don't like - and desert. They said they even give free flow of green tea, which is completely ridiculous for me because many tea-houses in Myanmar gave free flow of green tea even if you don't order a single drink. Here in Singapore, these are top advertisements the restaurants use to attract the crowd.

The meal was not exceptional even though I was quite hungry (as my breakfast was the last slice of bread and some water). The most notable down-side of the meal was that the rice was not Japanese rice, not even Chinese sticky rice. It was just normal rice. (I was glad it is not the one that Indian restaurants used to use.) But the Sunkist they gave for dessert was great.

Overall, today's lunch was just 4 points out of 10. Time to go to school !

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