August 10, 2009

Mont Hin Gar again

Since today's the substitute holiday for the National day - which was unfortunately on Sunday - Onee Yone and her significant other asked us (me and my roommate) to have Mont Hin Gar at their place. It was only a 5 minutes walk from our apartment. They are very nice and friendly people, I had to admit.

Mont Hin Gar was exceptional and we had to say good things about it. It turned out that she made it from the instant-Mont-Hin-Gar pack (yes, like instant noodle). However, making Mont Hin Gar out of instant pack is not as easy as you make noodle out of instant noodle pack. Her skills were more than just "good". They told me I am getting fatter. I didn't believe. With BMI of 22, I am just normal :P

Although Mont Hin Gar was good, MSG make me dizzy the whole evening. :(

For those who has no idea what "Mont Hin Gar" is, you can read in my previous post about it.

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