August 25, 2009

M.Comp Application Goes Online

Today's lunch is European food (from same old pasta shop) with my Onee E*. She's here to submit M.Comp form and asked some of her health declaration wordings for her insurance. The good news is M.Comp form is now computerized and to be submitted online. That cut the cost on both sides and - I don't know about the SoC side - the application fees is now only S$20.00 instead of usual S$40.00. However, it is not fully computerized as in NTU - the applicant still need to make a visit to pay the fees. When suggested, the staff replied me they were doing it one at a time.

Concerning her insurance documents, I suggested not to lie and give all information as it is. However, the truth is she's only a minor problem with her health in the area they were asking. Filling the form is almost a series of No, Nope and Nil :P to a point it is unbelievable.

Our lunch was honey roasted chicken, pasta, chicken chop, beans and French Fries. We exchanged the plates from time to time :P. It was a good enjoyable lunch. Thanks Onee Chan !!!

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