August 15, 2009

Experiment Hype

Today's lunch was five small pao - ditched from my land lady - spread across the whole afternoon. She seemed to lose heart on those pao as she nearly burnt down our apartment trying to re-heat those pao using Microwave. Here's some reminder for my readers, microwave is not good for:

  1. Water : Boiling clear water in microwave leads to super-heated water. (ref: Mythbuster episode).
  2. Metal container: unless you wanna see lightening in action (I think it is dangerous to touch those metals afterwards.)
  3. Flourescent tubes, bulbs: they lit up actually but highly dangerours
  4. Candles: unless you wanna see plasma balls (highly dangerous too)
  5. Bread: outside seems delicious, inside burnt badly
  6. Pao: see number 5

Just finished my coding for MOD early this morning (0200 hour), I feel experiment hype as I need to run the code actually in my lab. It turned out ok eventually althought Windows XP warns about seemingly corrupted heap. I hate C/C++ now (but later, I'm sure I'd love her again.)

1 comment:

  1. အမ္..u hate C/ C++?

    Oh my god......
    ha ha ha ! how can i know the code if you hate?


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