November 26, 2009

Feud at Prata Shop - Again

I went to that prata shop - again. The same guy waited me. I hope he'd not make mistake again. This time, I was careful. I used fingers (to show the number of items I wanted) when I said "A Prata" and, after a long pause, "An egg prata and black coffee." 

What did you expect ? He came back with two slices of egg prata but there was no coffee for me. What's wrong with him ? Huh ?

November 25, 2009

Smell Sometimes Does Not Imply Good Taste

Today, one of my lab-mates was having rice and mutton curry from the middle-eastern stall (yes, in the air-conditioned lab). It smelled so good that I decided to have the same.

When I got to canteen, the thing he was eating cannot be found easily (it was in a hideous container). Fortunately, the one who queued before me knew its name and ordered it. Therefore, I just point-n-eat.

Alas ! The meat and rice was so hard that I can't swallow. What an unlucky day.

More unlucky, I was sat in the lounge waiting for the experiment to end up in this afternoon. We were watching the news, and it said Tamiflu no longer is effective against some H1N1 case. So sad !

November 24, 2009

Halon Gas

Today, I went to the library - which is in memorial of a famous person here in Singapore - to code in quiet environment. I noticed the hazard warning sign that showcase the furniture that that famous person had used. It read something like "Halon Gas Protected". What was that I wondered.

Halon Gas is, wikipedia says, commonly used as second or third level fire suppressing agent in important facilities. As it can be harmful to human beings, it is advised as once the alarm sounds and the light starts to flash, everyone in that room need to vacate the room immediately and seal the door tight shut. Scary !

My lunch was Hor Fun. I wanted to have Mei Fun but my mouth just pronounced "Hor Fun". Anyway, it is a good dish.

November 23, 2009

Travis Barker Remix Hip-Hop

Travis Barker is the drummer of Blink-182. However, he's also into hip-hop. This is his remix of a popular hip-hop track. Enjoy.
My lunch today is canned Sardine from my roommate and fried cabbage with carrot by me. Umm, with rice of course.

November 22, 2009

Breakfast Was Shan Noodle

Today's breakfast was Shan noodle. I gave them my Shan noodle pack - thus they didn't have to buy for themselves. It was the kid's birthday (not an annual one).

The way they cooked Shan noodle is like how my mom did - except they also use dried soy bean in the curry. It tasted so good. I felt like I was back home.

Lunch was fried rice with Char Siew and mixed vegetables. If I didn't make fried rice, those rice leftover would be thrown away in vain. 

November 21, 2009

Char Siew Fried Rice

Today's lunch was Char Siew fried rice - supplemented by mixed vegetables. First, I fried Char Siew in sunflower oil. Then the vegetables and, at last, rice (from last night :P) mixed with salt. When it was nearly done, I poured some hint of black pepper. So so so yummy !

November 20, 2009

An Egg = Egg Egg, Funny

I was sitting in that famous Clementi prata house for my lunch. A Chinese guy - yes, a Chinese waiter in Indian food restaurant - came and took my order. I said, "Gimme an egg prata and a plain prata and black coffee." 

After a short while, he came back with a plate on which there were two egg pratas and a plain prata. How come ? When I complained, he didn't even talk with me patiently. He called his manager.

It turned out that he though "An Egg Prata" as "Egg Egg Prata". Is there any sane person that would say "Egg Egg Prata" when he wants two slices of egg prata ? May be he'd say "Egg Prata, Egg Prata" but not "Egg Egg Prata". The manager offered me to just eat and pay for what I have ordered. But I am no Suzaka ("Suzaka" is the name of the villain in one of the Buddhist literature scripts. He ate a lot and die of choke.) 

I asked them to pack the extra one and paid full. 

What a wield experience. 

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