August 17, 2009

Criminal or Victim

When I left home for school, a Chinese tapped on my shoulder. He told me that he was calling me but I didn't reply (I was ear-plugged). He told me he went to go back to Serangoon and lost his way. I pointed him the way to MRT. But he insisted to give bus fare as he lost his wallet and have no money. I noticed that he is anxious and speaking very fast (faster than an average Singaporean) partly because he's afraid I'd leave him alone. He also told me he's scared.

I didn't help him. At first, I thought he's mentally disturbed. However, later on, I started to think him as a Chinese low-paid worker who just arrived here like two-weeks ago. He begged me not to get mad at him as the last uncle he approached. His English skills was, however, so remarkable for a Chinese WP - that I doubt him. Moreover, that place is, despite being close to a super-market and a food court, quite empty with no people around. No one can guranteed that he wouldn't grab my wallet and run away. I simply replied that as I am going to school, I have no money with me. He left.

Should there be some way to distinguish people with inferior motive from innocent people, I'd help him - provided he's genuine - right away. But my safety was my first priority. So sorry my fellow friend but I did told him that if he lost his wallet, either the police (I live so close to police station) or the train station staff would help him to get back home. I hope the cops would help him.

My lunch was Burger King's double wooper (it has been quite a few days that I longed for burger and last night I even dreamt having a burger). I was not so hungry that my lunch was two-part episodes. The burger and the drinks at the canteen and the main feature - the wooper - in my lab. So delicious !

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  1. You got the point! I've confused of that man's behaviors. Perhaps he got mental disorder. Well, your advice would help him if he could think calm.


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