August 05, 2009

There Ain't No Option C

Having a lot of Onee Chans (elder sisters) means a lot of chit-chat with them and a lot of exposure to how they approach their daily life problems as well as how they set up their long-term decisions. Many of a time, their way of doing things is totally illogical to their opposite-sex. Hence, there is a book for this known as "Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus." (Buy this book from Shop @ Law Shay . COM now !!!)

My lunch was Beijien dumpling from Si Chuan outlet :P . Don't be amazed. In this kind of economy, you can eat all kinds of food in all kinds of food outlets. Most notably, MOS burger is offering Wasabi Burger (Wasabi is a japanese food). Sushi houses are offering Thai foods. McDornald is offering curry sauce and Wasabi spreads for their french fries !

My Onee Chan rang me just before my lunch. She asked me how to get "Fortune Center". She was confused as when she took the same bus to and from the city area, she saw the center not on her way to city but on her way back. I had to explained the concept of one-way roads (one directional only roads). All my Onee Chans are bright and smart educated ladies but they have difficulties whenever they are to go to a new place - and forced to rely on maps and directories. That's strange. My mom is also not an exception but she made up with her strong memorizing skills. :D

Another problem they have is not speaking the language that men used to speak. The used to speak out of context. For example, after that I-don't-know-how-to-get-Fortune-Center Onee Chan hang up, another one rang in asking why the table in the banner page never appears. But what is banner page ? She's been working on that web pages for hours - may be even days - but I am the one just introduced. How can I know what she's talking about when she's saying 'banner page'? Later that banner page sorted out to be an include page featuring a banner and log-in form that she called from another page. (For those who are not an IT geeks, I was talking about web site development things.) Even include page is an ambigious term - there are two kinds of include pages, client-side and server side includes with lots of variants.

The worse nightmare is the differences in how men and women solve particular problems - especially problems with no win-win situations. Men used to solve the problems in more mathematical/logical point-of-view while Women do in something-men-never-understand-way. For men, every problems is a set of constraints and a set of rules. For example, you see a high-tech gadget - say a computer - tagged as $1,000 and your budget is $300. You also know if you overrun your budget, your dinner would be instant noodle for 15 days. The constraint is your budget and the rule is if what will happen if you violate your constraint - in this case, unhealthy diet.

Thinking critically, men sort out possible solutions - with consequences. The whole problem is often reduced to choosing the way that leadsi to the least painful consequence. In other words, the problem become a mere comparison. In the above problem, men sorts out two ways: buy it and eat unhealthy food for 2 weeks or not buy it but have good dinner. There is no third way (unless something unusual like winning the lottery happens). They only need to answer the acid question: "What is worse: instant noodle for 15 days or not using a high-end computer ?".

However, women solve the problem differently - and they don't even solve similar problems in similar ways. Sometimes, they rely on the gut feeling - leading to be shocked with consequences. Sometimes, they tell the problem to others - denying all solutions and quarreling when asked the acid question. Most of the time, they hope "Neo saves Trinity".

In Matrix Reloaded (aka Matrix II in some countries), Neo is offered two choice: save Trinity but both being destroyed together with the Matrix - not a prophesied one - or let Trinity die but help in rebuild the Matrix - the prophesied one. Neo chose to save Trinity and escaped together from being destroyed. The movie was good to watch - but women should understand Neo is the chosen one in the movie and nobody in reality is the chosen one. 

The reality is "Beck's giving you two options: option a - a bad thing - and option b - a worse thing" from The Run Down. There ain't no option c. It's a wrong answer.

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