August 03, 2009

Map + Bus Guide = Independent Roaming

Being the first Monday in August, today's the start of new semester. When I hopped onto the bus, I was amazed as the a large crowd was on the bus - which used to be like an Empty Set. I saw two caucasian ladies reading the map and bus-guide. I thought they were exchange students, however, when I inquired them, it turned out that it is mother sending her daughter to school :P .

Back in 2007, I was also like them, relying only on the Street Directory - the map - and the Bus Guide from Mighty Mind. Singapore's map and bus system is very easy to use. Every bus stop is uniquely identified by a composite primary key - Street Name and Bus Stop Number - in the Bus Guide. The Street Directory (Map Book) features the bus stops with their respective numbers along with street name (which is usual). Results ? I never lost my way in Singapore. There had been no one free enough - except for my senior who showed me around one day - to get me here and there, I totally relied on those two books of treasure.

Today's lunch was Chinese meal with pork in some kind of sour sause, tohu, vegetables and rice. Browsing the net, I noticed that a new C++ standard is on its way. Named C++09, it will be out before end of this year, 2009. I am looking forward to see which new features it will bring.

Reading the articles about C/C++ style, I found out that eof (end of file) character can be typed - via keyboard - in Unix by pressing Ctrl + D. I haven't tested yet.

Dinner will be from Fresher Orientation ! Free Food !!!

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