August 12, 2009

How to Make Chili Oil

This morning, I had some difficulty in the toilet. Therefore, today's lunch includes much vegetables (steamed). I also had sausages, an egg and two slices of whole-meal bread. Whole meal bread also help you in your toilet. It is good for health. My egg was a little bit awkward when I break it into the pan so it looks funny. I took a quick photo of my lunch.

Before lunch, I watched Martin Yan's cook show, which featured Si Chuan food. Since one of my senior labmates is from Si Chuan and many of my ethnic groups reside in that province, I am very interested in their culture - including their food. Their food, with the use of Chili pepper and Chili oil, are so much similar to our Shan food (see my previous post for deeper details). Martin Yan used commercialized Chili Oil. Let me share you how you can make some yourselve.
Never ever try to fry the grounded dry chili to get your Chili Oil, or your neighbor will hate you to the hell. Moreover, by frying that dry chili, you will end-up overcooked Chili Oil. How you make it is much similar to how you make fried garlic for fried garlic noodle. Put the grounded dry chili into a bowl (not a plastic or easy-melting ones). Heat the oil up until you can see the smoke (vapor like things) above the pot and pour the hot oil into the bowl. Don't forget to cover the bowl immediately (or your naighbor will still hate you). Done !

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