November 26, 2009

Feud at Prata Shop - Again

I went to that prata shop - again. The same guy waited me. I hope he'd not make mistake again. This time, I was careful. I used fingers (to show the number of items I wanted) when I said "A Prata" and, after a long pause, "An egg prata and black coffee." 

What did you expect ? He came back with two slices of egg prata but there was no coffee for me. What's wrong with him ? Huh ?

November 25, 2009

Smell Sometimes Does Not Imply Good Taste

Today, one of my lab-mates was having rice and mutton curry from the middle-eastern stall (yes, in the air-conditioned lab). It smelled so good that I decided to have the same.

When I got to canteen, the thing he was eating cannot be found easily (it was in a hideous container). Fortunately, the one who queued before me knew its name and ordered it. Therefore, I just point-n-eat.

Alas ! The meat and rice was so hard that I can't swallow. What an unlucky day.

More unlucky, I was sat in the lounge waiting for the experiment to end up in this afternoon. We were watching the news, and it said Tamiflu no longer is effective against some H1N1 case. So sad !

November 24, 2009

Halon Gas

Today, I went to the library - which is in memorial of a famous person here in Singapore - to code in quiet environment. I noticed the hazard warning sign that showcase the furniture that that famous person had used. It read something like "Halon Gas Protected". What was that I wondered.

Halon Gas is, wikipedia says, commonly used as second or third level fire suppressing agent in important facilities. As it can be harmful to human beings, it is advised as once the alarm sounds and the light starts to flash, everyone in that room need to vacate the room immediately and seal the door tight shut. Scary !

My lunch was Hor Fun. I wanted to have Mei Fun but my mouth just pronounced "Hor Fun". Anyway, it is a good dish.

November 23, 2009

Travis Barker Remix Hip-Hop

Travis Barker is the drummer of Blink-182. However, he's also into hip-hop. This is his remix of a popular hip-hop track. Enjoy.
My lunch today is canned Sardine from my roommate and fried cabbage with carrot by me. Umm, with rice of course.

November 22, 2009

Breakfast Was Shan Noodle

Today's breakfast was Shan noodle. I gave them my Shan noodle pack - thus they didn't have to buy for themselves. It was the kid's birthday (not an annual one).

The way they cooked Shan noodle is like how my mom did - except they also use dried soy bean in the curry. It tasted so good. I felt like I was back home.

Lunch was fried rice with Char Siew and mixed vegetables. If I didn't make fried rice, those rice leftover would be thrown away in vain. 

November 21, 2009

Char Siew Fried Rice

Today's lunch was Char Siew fried rice - supplemented by mixed vegetables. First, I fried Char Siew in sunflower oil. Then the vegetables and, at last, rice (from last night :P) mixed with salt. When it was nearly done, I poured some hint of black pepper. So so so yummy !

November 20, 2009

An Egg = Egg Egg, Funny

I was sitting in that famous Clementi prata house for my lunch. A Chinese guy - yes, a Chinese waiter in Indian food restaurant - came and took my order. I said, "Gimme an egg prata and a plain prata and black coffee." 

After a short while, he came back with a plate on which there were two egg pratas and a plain prata. How come ? When I complained, he didn't even talk with me patiently. He called his manager.

It turned out that he though "An Egg Prata" as "Egg Egg Prata". Is there any sane person that would say "Egg Egg Prata" when he wants two slices of egg prata ? May be he'd say "Egg Prata, Egg Prata" but not "Egg Egg Prata". The manager offered me to just eat and pay for what I have ordered. But I am no Suzaka ("Suzaka" is the name of the villain in one of the Buddhist literature scripts. He ate a lot and die of choke.) 

I asked them to pack the extra one and paid full. 

What a wield experience. 

November 19, 2009

PhD Conference

We had a PhD Conference today :P

This afternoon, I felt like working in Science or Science Library, I headed to Science clusters - where I used to work when I started my master here almost three years ago. Hence my lunch - Char Siew Rice with lots of vegetables - was at the Frontier.

When queuing for the fruit drinks, I saw D* - no, not that D* who is working with the robots, but that D* who is working on probability models, the French guy. We had our lunch together and talked a lot. We talked about our researches, about our supervisors, about one of the research students going round the world, meeting his supervisor only twice a year and finished his PhD within two years. Yes, since he's a French, our conversation also included about the girls.

Our lunch was, later, joined by another PhD students - freshly graduated from Cambridge I guess - one is local (Singaporean) and another is a Caucasian (I can't tell his ethnic group). Once he knew I am from that notorious country - Burma (you know, Nargis, the nobel prize winner etc) - he asked a lot (yes, a lot) of questions. What a curious guy. He is working in physics - a theoretical one. 

He told me that quantum theory - the maths involved in quantum theory - can be applied in Finance. They named it quantum finance and the researchers involved in those researches - despite pure mathematicians - earn a lot. 

I must make sure my research has something to do with business :P

We called it - as it is a talk among four PhD students - PhD conference.

November 18, 2009

Chili Fever

I would never forget today in my life - the chili fever is on !

I will explain. Today's lunch is rice with, well, smashed chili. Smashed chili is a famous Burmese dish with regional dialects - Innlay, Rakhine etc. 

I underestimate the smashed chili that the Auntie made and mixed it very well with my rice. Wow !!! It is 3 x hotter than I expected - I ended up adding salt, more rice and a huge amount of sugar into my plate.

Yes, it was super hot.

November 17, 2009

Jumbo Tank - What's That Mean ?

Today's lunch was Jumbo Tank - it contains an egg (fried I guess), two slices of garlic breads, some peas, some salami and, most important of all, a large cheese pork sausage. 

I don't know how the meal got its name. There is a dialect called Full tank featuring a smaller sausage.

I wondered if it is derived from the fact that it is army issued breakfast for those who operate the tanks. But if that's the case, there should be some meals called, "Jet", " Jeep or "Pounder". If all the soldiers got the same ration, then it should have called something like G.I or whatever.

However, it was a good meal

November 16, 2009

"Only After I've Got Married Do I ... ," Said He.

"Only after I've got married, do I eat omelet and fried garlic noodle," my new land-lord (the husband of my new land-lady) told me, when I offered him some of my lunch.

My lunch today was fried garlic noodle since it is easy to cook. This time, I follow the easier way - boiling the meat up with light soy sauce. I used minced meat, too to save time of cutting things up.

Yes, I was extra busy with my research.

November 15, 2009

Fried Kang Kong


How to Make Fried Kang Kong

Today's lunch is rice with fried Kang Kong and fried soy bean paste. It is vegetarian meal !!! Sometimes, it is good to be vegetarian - it would bring good complexion, good health etc.
Kang Kong is one of the cheapest dish in Burma. It is remarked, in contemporary literature, as main dish of the Poor. It has been a cheap food to go with alcohol too. There has been a song about fried Kang Kong. It went like : "When I become vegetarian temporarily (some Burmese Buddhists do that), when I have no money and when I consume alcohol, Kang Kong plain (fried Kang Kong without any meat) was a very good friend."
Now how to make fried Kang Kong. Please note that this Kang Kong is the Chinese dialect (not the way of cooking, but the species of the leave itself). Let's start with ingredients :
Oil - 3 - 5 table spoon
Kang Kong - a pack (in Burmese packs, 2-4 packs)
Garlic - a couple of clovers.
Salt - half a tea spoon
Oyster Sauce - half a tea spoon.
Wash your Kang Kong and cut 1.5 inches. Don't take those roots - throw them away. Peal the garlic clovers and chop them into tiny peices.

Now heat the oil for 2-5 minutes. When the oil is quite hot (not so hot), put the tiny pieces of garlic in the pan and stir for a while.

Then put your Kang Kong, put the salt in it too. Stir. Now it is turn for the oyster sauce. If you like oyster sauce, you can put up to a full table spoon. However, notice that it tastes so salty and it smells aweful. Put oyster sauce and stir for next 2 minutes sharp. Then it is ready.
Don't forget to place it in the pan for a while. In that way, the remaining heat of the pan would soften your Kang Kong.
Ok, may your Kang be Kong (Kang Kong - in direct translation - in Burmese - means good luck.)

November 14, 2009

Brilliant Lunch at Home

Just before heading to school, my roommate and the auntie at home invited me to lunch. Today's menu - Indian style vegetable soup containing potato, egg plants and drum-sticks and fried prawn/chili. I helped (a little) in preparing prawns.

As it has been a long time that I never have Indian style vegetable soup, it was super-delicious. The prawn and chili ratio is correct too - making it a perfect meal.

After that, I left for school.

November 13, 2009

Friday the Thirteenth

Today's Friday and today's the Thirteenth - Friday the Thirteenth.

Many people think it as unlucky, frightening or spooky. For me, nothing scare me :P

My lunch, today, was instant noodle at home. I was not going to school but worked at home.

November 12, 2009

Doctoral Seminar Was Scary

This morning, I attended a fellow research student's doctoral seminar. It is also called PhD thesis proposal. He is working in a field that is closely related with my research area. (Moreover, his supervisor was my GRP examiner.)

His work was quite good. Not so many professors (please read examiners) and some research students (two from multimedia lab and myself :P) attended his seminar. The question shot were scary - mainly to aim at making the candidate lose his ground. (That's why PhD defense is named that way :P) Since he doesn't have firm application area, that's his blow. I decided to have many mock thesis proposal and defense with my lab-mates.

I couldn't stay there until he's finished since I had an appointment with my supervisor. The lunch was a rush one - at Chinese cooked food stall. 

My lunch was fish in lemon sauce, lady finger and egg plant. Not so yummy.

November 11, 2009

Vegetables Are Healthy

Today, I have got big trouble in the morning duty (an idiom :P).

The remedy is vegetables - lots of vegetables. I had Yong Tau Fu with lots of vegetables - I added rice noodle too. 

For dessert, I took papaya :D

November 10, 2009

Jerk Fruit - Best as Soup

Today's lunch was rice with Jerk Fruit Soup.

Yes, I really mean it. Jerk Fruit (the one which is quite similar to Durian but the spikes are less dominant) can be made soup. It went very very x 1, 000, 000 well with fried dried fish (dried fish are boiled a little, pounded and fried).

Unfortunately, in Singapore, we don't have the dried fish nor time to prepare that one so I had Jerk Fruit soup with rice along with fried soy bean paste.

In fact, I don't have time for cooking these days. The Auntie at my new place made that soup for me. So yummy !!! Thanks !

November 09, 2009

Fried Rice with Both Tumeric and Soy Sauce

For me, fried rice means either Burmese fried rice or Chinese fried rice. Burmese version is with turmeric (and possibly onions). Chinese version is with soy sauce. I have never saw a version with both turmeric powder and soy sauce.

Today, my roommate made fried rice with both turmeric powder and soy sauce for breakfast. It also featured my mixed vegetables and fried egg. Since many were left at lunch time, I had fried rice and fried eggs as lunch. It was really tasty. Unbelievable !

November 08, 2009

Sweeten Chinese Choy Soup

Back in Rangoon, we used to eat sweeten Chinese Choy salad. First, chinese choy is processed (a little bit boiled, I think), then mixed together with Gula Malacca paste and some fried garlic (many Burmese and Shan dishes use fried garlic). The result is so yummy salad dish.

However, when I got to Singapore, I met many people making another version of that dish using pork ribs, guala malacca (or sugar) and Chinese Choy. The taste is similar but this version is soup.

Today's lunch is such soup (Sweeten Chinese Choy Soup) and rice. The auntie (my land lord's mother in law) made that for her family and I got a jackpot. So yummy !

November 07, 2009

Chilled Noodle Was So Spicy

Today, in an attempt to reduce cost, I had my lunch at home. My lunch was rice with fried soy been paste. I didn't have time to prepare other dishes as I needed to work in my lab.

However, my lunch - lack of vegetable and oil - make me hungry again at 1600 hour.

I ended up having chilled noodle from Si Chuan outlet. It was so spicy !

November 06, 2009

The Spoon Crisis

Today's lunch was rice with pig leg and vegetables from Beijing outlet. 

There are two (no, three) troublesome Chinese-Language-Only outlets in NUS. They are the clay-pot from the Deck, Si Chuan from the Deck and the Beijing outlet from the Terrace. 

To make the matter worse, Beijing outlet doesn't feature any fork and spoons yet use flat plate to serve rice (clay-pot outlet uses bowls for rice so that using chopsticks for rice is somewhat Ok. Si Chuan outlet, after I get this problem in one of the surveys that OSA or Estate office conducted, featured forks and spoon). 

I ended up using forks and spoons of their neighbor (and rival) outlets.

So far so good until today, when they caught me do this. I simply told them I couldn't use chopsticks (which is half-true as I can't use chopsticks to eat rice on a flat plate). They let me use the forks and spoons in the end.

NUS authority should have done something for this matter.

In the afternoon, I took a bus back school (from the bank) and the bus driver was saying "Good afternoon." to all those who was boarding. May be a customer service quality control officer was on board or he's a new guy.

I replied him, "Good afternoon." :P

November 05, 2009

Google Wave, Here I Come

Today's lunch was chicken rice. The way they chopped and sliced the chicken was remarkable. It was only a small piece of chicken but it could cover the whole rice bowl.

In the evening, an old friend from "Program Analysis" class, WT, invited me to use Google's latest collaboration tool, Google Wave.

I accepted the invitation but I was too busy to learn what it is. Here is a youtube video about it.

November 04, 2009

Frogs and Eel

Today's lunch is what remained of today's breakfast. Again, today's breakfast is a modification of what remained of yesterday dinner - fried rice. 

At first, I fried the egg. When the oil was at sufficient temperature, I crack and put the egg in it and stir hard. That gives me a whitish yellow egg fry. When doing the stir, I put the mixed vegetables. When they are half-done, rice (mixed well with light soy sauce and salt) is poured in.

My roommate offered me fried frog and eels. They were yummy too.

November 02, 2009

Pork Stomach or Pig Ear ?

In Burma, we eat all parts of the pig - ears, tongue, organs and even the eyes and the tail. In Singapore, I couldn't find any tongue or ears. I used to find something that looks like ears but whenever I asked, they say "Pig stomach".

I have never seen pig stomach before. So I don't know if it is true or not. What I know is they look the same and they taste the same. May be Singaporeans hate to eat ears so they lie (that's my conclusion)

Today's lunch is so-called rice with pig stomach with a vegetable (in Burmese, we call it "Juu Phuu"). 

New Home - Tons of Things to Work out

Good Morning West-Coast ! I greeted. I am now in West-Coast area (according to the post office, it is the same as Clementi). The good thing is it is within working distance to my lab. The bad thing ? Yeah, there was a lot of things to unpack.

Knowing I have nothing to eat in the morning, before she went back, my Onee Chan bought me a pack of bread containing four loafs. The breads are spread with some meat floss (chicken I guess) and sugar coated. Those breads became my breakfast and lunch.

I realized I shouldn't buy many things - like shoes, furniture and cloths etc. I packed up half of my cloths (both new and PJs) into my luggage. Yet, I still have lots of cloths to iron (and wear). I decided I won't buy new cloths until someone gives me a coin - mistaking me as a begger. :P

Around 1630 hour, after shopping for grocery, I located the roasted pork resturant - where various parts of pig is available. I regarded it as my linner (lunch + dinner)

November 01, 2009

Unstable at New Place

I am still unstable at my new place. Lots of things - including cloths to iron - to do.

Today's lunch is rice with fried soy paste and vegetable. Mixed vegetable packs are economy and easy choice. Just unpack them (no need to de-froze) and fry or steam or microwave them. It's ready to serve. Today's vegetable was fried with light soy sauce and some salt in garlic seasoned oil. 

Guess Count

Since August 1st, 2009, Law Shay had enjoyed his lunch together with friends.