August 14, 2009

Long Time No See, Dear Prata

My Onee Chan E kept on saying that I am a fatty because of Prata and Prata is not good for health. In my opinion, instant noodle she used to eat is more unhealthy. But I am a good boy, who heeds elderies' voice. So long time no see prata.

Coding project went wrong terribly. I learnt not to be too systematic when coding in C/C++. What I did this time was giving a type name (by either using typedef or using inheritence) to all internally-similar but semantically different entity types. It reduced readibility to a point where even I hate my own code. Anyway, lesson learnt. My MOD project will be finished tongiht (though experiment running and small-scale debugging will follow tomorrow).

Again, long time no see prata ! I didn't have anything to eat at home. So my lunch was two prata wrapping some beef fries, which my old student brought me from Rangoon. Delicious !

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