August 18, 2009

Shifted Bio-clock

My lunch today was a Chinese meal, rice, green beans with fish paste, cabbage and pork legs stew. That outlet is somewhat distinguished. It has quick fish paste soup (used to eat together with rice, not to drink as it is) just like Burmese restaurants. But the fish paste they use is different from Burmese. My lunch was at 1600 hour. It is not late. It is just lunch-time for my bio-clock now.

My bio-clock is now mis-aligned. I woke up at 1100 instead of 0700 (4 hours late), my lunch is at 1600 (4 hours late again) and my dinner is around 2200. Finally, I used to sleep at 0400 in the morning. It is not a good habit. According to medical researches, you can only fast-forward your bio-clock, not rewind it back. So to correct my four-hours-late bio-clock, I need to make it 8 hours late, 16 hours late and 24 hours late again - in other words, stay one night not sleeping. I can't afford it now.

I need to clean my apartment. I still need to run some more experiments. My supervisor asked me to turn more results in tomorrow. (I also missed my Chinese class today). I'll have a substitute class tomorrow. So long !

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