August 24, 2009

Maggots at Home

Today's lunch is Hokkien Mee (read Hok Kyant Me). It is a traditional food here in Singapore invented by local street hawkers. It contain both yellow and white noodle. To cater well with Malay muslins, it is made with seafood. It is yummy. 

The only problem with many local restaurants is that they prepare the food in a flat plate and give chop-sticks to eat with. Many chinese seemed ok but for me, I am only comfortable with bowl and chop-sticks. Using chop-sticks for food prepared in flat plate, it is like a hard-time catching the food.

Back to my apartment, my land-lady showed me strange little creatures out of her rice-cooker. They are MAGGOTS !!! Eeesh ! I saw some two-three days ago in the waste bin but now I found the culprit. Eeek ! Please throw that away ma'am.

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