November 08, 2009

Sweeten Chinese Choy Soup

Back in Rangoon, we used to eat sweeten Chinese Choy salad. First, chinese choy is processed (a little bit boiled, I think), then mixed together with Gula Malacca paste and some fried garlic (many Burmese and Shan dishes use fried garlic). The result is so yummy salad dish.

However, when I got to Singapore, I met many people making another version of that dish using pork ribs, guala malacca (or sugar) and Chinese Choy. The taste is similar but this version is soup.

Today's lunch is such soup (Sweeten Chinese Choy Soup) and rice. The auntie (my land lord's mother in law) made that for her family and I got a jackpot. So yummy !

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