November 20, 2009

An Egg = Egg Egg, Funny

I was sitting in that famous Clementi prata house for my lunch. A Chinese guy - yes, a Chinese waiter in Indian food restaurant - came and took my order. I said, "Gimme an egg prata and a plain prata and black coffee." 

After a short while, he came back with a plate on which there were two egg pratas and a plain prata. How come ? When I complained, he didn't even talk with me patiently. He called his manager.

It turned out that he though "An Egg Prata" as "Egg Egg Prata". Is there any sane person that would say "Egg Egg Prata" when he wants two slices of egg prata ? May be he'd say "Egg Prata, Egg Prata" but not "Egg Egg Prata". The manager offered me to just eat and pay for what I have ordered. But I am no Suzaka ("Suzaka" is the name of the villain in one of the Buddhist literature scripts. He ate a lot and die of choke.) 

I asked them to pack the extra one and paid full. 

What a wield experience. 

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