November 02, 2009

New Home - Tons of Things to Work out

Good Morning West-Coast ! I greeted. I am now in West-Coast area (according to the post office, it is the same as Clementi). The good thing is it is within working distance to my lab. The bad thing ? Yeah, there was a lot of things to unpack.

Knowing I have nothing to eat in the morning, before she went back, my Onee Chan bought me a pack of bread containing four loafs. The breads are spread with some meat floss (chicken I guess) and sugar coated. Those breads became my breakfast and lunch.

I realized I shouldn't buy many things - like shoes, furniture and cloths etc. I packed up half of my cloths (both new and PJs) into my luggage. Yet, I still have lots of cloths to iron (and wear). I decided I won't buy new cloths until someone gives me a coin - mistaking me as a begger. :P

Around 1630 hour, after shopping for grocery, I located the roasted pork resturant - where various parts of pig is available. I regarded it as my linner (lunch + dinner)

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