November 25, 2009

Smell Sometimes Does Not Imply Good Taste

Today, one of my lab-mates was having rice and mutton curry from the middle-eastern stall (yes, in the air-conditioned lab). It smelled so good that I decided to have the same.

When I got to canteen, the thing he was eating cannot be found easily (it was in a hideous container). Fortunately, the one who queued before me knew its name and ordered it. Therefore, I just point-n-eat.

Alas ! The meat and rice was so hard that I can't swallow. What an unlucky day.

More unlucky, I was sat in the lounge waiting for the experiment to end up in this afternoon. We were watching the news, and it said Tamiflu no longer is effective against some H1N1 case. So sad !

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