November 06, 2009

The Spoon Crisis

Today's lunch was rice with pig leg and vegetables from Beijing outlet. 

There are two (no, three) troublesome Chinese-Language-Only outlets in NUS. They are the clay-pot from the Deck, Si Chuan from the Deck and the Beijing outlet from the Terrace. 

To make the matter worse, Beijing outlet doesn't feature any fork and spoons yet use flat plate to serve rice (clay-pot outlet uses bowls for rice so that using chopsticks for rice is somewhat Ok. Si Chuan outlet, after I get this problem in one of the surveys that OSA or Estate office conducted, featured forks and spoon). 

I ended up using forks and spoons of their neighbor (and rival) outlets.

So far so good until today, when they caught me do this. I simply told them I couldn't use chopsticks (which is half-true as I can't use chopsticks to eat rice on a flat plate). They let me use the forks and spoons in the end.

NUS authority should have done something for this matter.

In the afternoon, I took a bus back school (from the bank) and the bus driver was saying "Good afternoon." to all those who was boarding. May be a customer service quality control officer was on board or he's a new guy.

I replied him, "Good afternoon." :P

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