November 15, 2009

How to Make Fried Kang Kong

Today's lunch is rice with fried Kang Kong and fried soy bean paste. It is vegetarian meal !!! Sometimes, it is good to be vegetarian - it would bring good complexion, good health etc.
Kang Kong is one of the cheapest dish in Burma. It is remarked, in contemporary literature, as main dish of the Poor. It has been a cheap food to go with alcohol too. There has been a song about fried Kang Kong. It went like : "When I become vegetarian temporarily (some Burmese Buddhists do that), when I have no money and when I consume alcohol, Kang Kong plain (fried Kang Kong without any meat) was a very good friend."
Now how to make fried Kang Kong. Please note that this Kang Kong is the Chinese dialect (not the way of cooking, but the species of the leave itself). Let's start with ingredients :
Oil - 3 - 5 table spoon
Kang Kong - a pack (in Burmese packs, 2-4 packs)
Garlic - a couple of clovers.
Salt - half a tea spoon
Oyster Sauce - half a tea spoon.
Wash your Kang Kong and cut 1.5 inches. Don't take those roots - throw them away. Peal the garlic clovers and chop them into tiny peices.

Now heat the oil for 2-5 minutes. When the oil is quite hot (not so hot), put the tiny pieces of garlic in the pan and stir for a while.

Then put your Kang Kong, put the salt in it too. Stir. Now it is turn for the oyster sauce. If you like oyster sauce, you can put up to a full table spoon. However, notice that it tastes so salty and it smells aweful. Put oyster sauce and stir for next 2 minutes sharp. Then it is ready.
Don't forget to place it in the pan for a while. In that way, the remaining heat of the pan would soften your Kang Kong.
Ok, may your Kang be Kong (Kang Kong - in direct translation - in Burmese - means good luck.)

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