November 12, 2009

Doctoral Seminar Was Scary

This morning, I attended a fellow research student's doctoral seminar. It is also called PhD thesis proposal. He is working in a field that is closely related with my research area. (Moreover, his supervisor was my GRP examiner.)

His work was quite good. Not so many professors (please read examiners) and some research students (two from multimedia lab and myself :P) attended his seminar. The question shot were scary - mainly to aim at making the candidate lose his ground. (That's why PhD defense is named that way :P) Since he doesn't have firm application area, that's his blow. I decided to have many mock thesis proposal and defense with my lab-mates.

I couldn't stay there until he's finished since I had an appointment with my supervisor. The lunch was a rush one - at Chinese cooked food stall. 

My lunch was fish in lemon sauce, lady finger and egg plant. Not so yummy.

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