November 19, 2009

PhD Conference

We had a PhD Conference today :P

This afternoon, I felt like working in Science or Science Library, I headed to Science clusters - where I used to work when I started my master here almost three years ago. Hence my lunch - Char Siew Rice with lots of vegetables - was at the Frontier.

When queuing for the fruit drinks, I saw D* - no, not that D* who is working with the robots, but that D* who is working on probability models, the French guy. We had our lunch together and talked a lot. We talked about our researches, about our supervisors, about one of the research students going round the world, meeting his supervisor only twice a year and finished his PhD within two years. Yes, since he's a French, our conversation also included about the girls.

Our lunch was, later, joined by another PhD students - freshly graduated from Cambridge I guess - one is local (Singaporean) and another is a Caucasian (I can't tell his ethnic group). Once he knew I am from that notorious country - Burma (you know, Nargis, the nobel prize winner etc) - he asked a lot (yes, a lot) of questions. What a curious guy. He is working in physics - a theoretical one. 

He told me that quantum theory - the maths involved in quantum theory - can be applied in Finance. They named it quantum finance and the researchers involved in those researches - despite pure mathematicians - earn a lot. 

I must make sure my research has something to do with business :P

We called it - as it is a talk among four PhD students - PhD conference.

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