October 14, 2009

What a Heavy Rain

Today's lunch was Hokkien Mee downstairs. I really like to eat it these days. I feel like, this is some hawkers' food (Indeed, it is). In Burma, Rangoon, near 30th St Clinic, we have a big restaurant selling a very similar food. That noodle is named "Flying noodle" as the (original) chef used to throw the noodle into the air and catch it back (today, the chefs no longer do that). It was quite famous.

It rained so heavy that I decided not to go to school - hence the noodle from the food stall nearby. I gave notice to my land-lady. It has been quite a while that I lived alone here - my roommate moved out two weeks ago after being given notice a month in advance. I was helping her find new roommates but the affords was in vain (probably due to her price was a little bit high). 

I felt like staying here would only hinder new guys coming in as they may feel unpleasant to stay with a total stranger. Moreover, some - couples, friends, the Rich etc - may want the whole room. My land lady seemed to know that although she didn't say anything. I felt I should make the initiative and made the first move. The problem : I also need to look for a new place.

Talking about my experiments, I found that an internal parameters has given the pruning power more powerful than complex algorithm can give. As, in reality, that parameter choice would not be that lucky, therefore, my problems are half-solved. 


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