October 07, 2009

A Heated but a Successful Discussion

Today's the birthday of one of my best friends - TTN. I rang his home - since I don't know his hand phone number. His sister told me he's out of town - going to a special training. She gave me his number and asked me to ring after 2030 Burmese standard time. But not sure I can stay away around that time.

Last night, I was struggling with my experiments in the lab till 0330. I sent an e-mail complaining all the problems I encountered (in fact, the programs encountered) to my supervisor. This morning, I woke up at around 1030. My eyes are red. My head felt like it is bigger. My supervisor asked me, after some more e-mails sent back and forth, to meet him around 1330. The meeting was, unexpectedly, heated up and lengthy. But it was successful I think.

When I finally touch my lunch, it was 1500. I had Mei Fun today.

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