October 18, 2009

Deepavali Day

Today's Deepavali (Diwali) day - a holiday. I woke up quite late. I didn't know it was Deepavali until I got to school - I went there to return a book. Getting off at the bus stop, I noticed that the area was clear. Then I noticed that the canteen was close. I remembered, "Opps, Deepavali!".

That means no lunch for me at school ! I was quite relieved there was Subway. However, even at Subway, there was no bread left. I had to eat the wrap (a food that is similar to Indian Charpati). However, it is good.

This evening, I joined my aunt and uncle at their birthday party at a cool Chinese restaurant. Since they reserved the seat using my aunt's name, which starts with Yu (in Burmese, it sounds something like shorten "You"). "Yu" however, sounds "Ywee" in Pin Yin. There was an awkward moment.

Opps, what am I writing about ? This is a lunch blog, not dinner blog. I must stop. Bye !

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