October 01, 2009

Thrill Ride @ Experiment Park

Today's is full of thrill ! My new algorithm implementation is almost bug-free (except for a careless mistake - a condition check - and an endless loop - which I caught when I notice the program hasn't stopped). After a short debugging I had my lunch.

My lunch was Indian food today, rice with lady finger, eggplants and peas. It is expensive compared to Chinese food but yummy but - there is a fault - too spicy (too much pepper). 

Arriving back from lunch, I run my code on some data generated several months ago and found it to be superior than my implementations of existing works. Shortly after the experiments finished did I receive an e-mail from my supervisor asking to meet him. It has been nearly a month since I last met him on 3rd of September - although we have e-mail conversations. I told him the new algorithm is working and superior than existing works.

Now, it is time to ensure how superior it is over current works. I have to re-implement those two existing schemes with my newest indexing scheme (for those who are not computer science literates, in any database application, there are several parts including query algorithm, indexing scheme and many others. To prove a given algorithm is superior, it is only fair if they are given the same environment - same or better indexing schemes).

Tomorrow is the eve of Burmese Lantern Festival. I need to visit my seniors and my relatives tomorrow and on Saturday. I must finish re-implementation tomorrow morning and present some graph to my supervisor. Right now, I am so tired, going to bed.

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