October 13, 2009

Coding Done - Running Experiments

Today's a long day. I had two visitors at school. 

The first one is my new - sworn - younger sister. She's really like a child - yet she's just 3 years younger than me. She asked me if it is possible to visit me during my work-hour. I don't want to resist this poor kid. However, I can't help but ask her sit (and read some magazines) at the lobby while I was sweating in my lab. She obeyed ! How cute !

I bought her some special rice from middle-eastern outlet. It is so similar to so-called "butter-rice" from Burma (but the Burmese version has dried grapes, many nuts etc). It went very well with vegetable salad and chicken curry. So yummy - except you feel a little bit sleepy after consuming it. After another hour of sitting in the lobby, she started to complain about being so bored and she went back home.

Another guest was R* (it is not his real name in his passport). He's a genuine friend of mine - and a good friend of my brother. It has been like at least 20 months since I had met him last time. He's now in big trouble - with losing jobs again and again consecutively in last year. He's also dealt with some loan sharks - Singapore loan sharks are terrible people if you owe them money. He has to hide at his friend's place for the sake of his life - here, I had to censor his story a little bit as well as conceal his hiding place etc.

I felt bad for him yet I am just a student who's always struggling to meet ends. Good luck my friend.

Finally, the new episode of coding - re-write - has eventually done. Now, it is time to see when - under which circumstances - the performance of my proposed algorithm is better than previously developed two.

I am also wishing my program good luck !

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