October 12, 2009

Not Finish Yet

My experiments showed very very bad results. I hate to go to school in weekends but I must. Staying late at school is also costly. I thought sleeping in the lounge would save the taxi fares back home (after midnight, taxis fares is 150% eeek ! ).

Since I stayed very late at school, I woke up quite late. I know there would be only Mc Donald's, so I bought a pack of Hokkien Mee from the food court near my apartment. It was good but I need more jobs to be done.

In the afternoon, the procrastination was so strong that I couldn't resist it. I surfed to Mystery Zillion and saw a quiz asking to find a 9-digit number whose leftmore n digit must divisible by n (i.e. the number itself is divisible by 9; if you remove the unit digit, it must be divisible by 8; if you remove the unit digit again, it must be divisible by 7 and so on.) It inspired me so much that, instead of doing my own coding, I was writing codes to figure that number out.

I've got the answer (381 654 729) and I wrote about it in my Burmese blog. The results, my things aren't done yet. :(

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