October 02, 2009

Hor Fun and Mei Fun

Hor Fun and Mei Fun are Singapore food. In Burma, there is no Hor Fun equivalence but there is Mei Fun equivalence. Mei Fun, in Burmese, is called "Hta Min Paung" (Steamed Rice). If you go to a Burmese Chinese restaurant, ask thoroughly before you order the dish named Steamed Rice as it can be a plain rice or rice prepared as Mei Fun.

"Fun" in those dish names, in Chinese, means "Meal". Hor Fun is a meal prepared from thick rice noodle with either beef or seafood and vegetables. Soy sauce is a must as well as some thick glue-like paste will be spread in excess manner. It is one of my favorites in Singapore. Mei Fun is in the same fashion but it has rice in the place of rice noodle. It is also my favorite too. 

Today's lunch is seafood Hor Fun. I found that the closer competitor for my algorithm was performing worse than mine - Bingo ! Now only those tasks such as running more with larger inputs, drawing some graphs and technical write-up left. Hopefully, my supervisor would like it and I can submit a paper to a conference.

Wish me luck !

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