October 03, 2009

Real Italian Food

Many of my meals at school is, well, Pasta with this and Pasta with that. But today, I had really Italian food - Beef Lazania at PastaMania. 

It has been quite a long gap since I met my little sister. Today, I need to kill some times before I visit my aunt - for Tadingyut celebrations. She asked me if I wanted a lunch together and I was at Bugis, having Italian food with her.

After lunch, I bought a new brown belt. I have a two-colored switchable belt but it is not a good idea, while dressing up every morning, to do the plier  job. Thus, I bought a new two-colored belt set to brown. (Mine is set to black.)

My aunt had a super busy schedule and I didn't see her today. 

Those cheese-rich meal made me sleepy all day and made me postpone my dinner until quite late.

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