October 16, 2009

"WE Are Stuck", He Said

Today would be one of the most memorable days in my life. My supervisor replied me that I could see him in the afternoon. After explaining all the mixed results I had got last night, he remarked, "WE are stuck." (note it is not "YOU are stuck") How nice ?  No doubt he's a successful professor here. He is very good in motivation.

In the course of discussion, probably to cheer me up, he told me that there is some kind of dataset - and application - in existence that my algorithm - with some modification - would fit in. I was thinking my current problem as a sort of dead-end. It's clearly not. Although I can't describe the detailed nature of that dataset here, I could say, it is a large spatial-temporal dataset related to genetic/bio research. 

Cheered up, I went on to canteen to enjoy my vegetarian lunch from Beijing outlet. Today's rice was rice with cauliflower and sliced and dried bean curd. It was really tasty. 

In the afternoon, I figured out that the complex algorithm that existed to solve a dialect of my problem is giving incomplete result in at least two special - yet practical - conditions. I promptly sent an e-mail to my professor. 

Now, aja aja fighting !!! (a quote from Korean dramas).

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