September 05, 2009

Shoot Till Flat

Early morning today, I accompanied my little sister to her shooting scenes. We have a bunch of amateur photographers including a blogger (see his photo blog). No, my little sister is not a professional model either. She's just helping her friends. Yet, I managed to shoot some human portraits of her and her friend.
 Surveying the Shooting Site
This is the first time I managed to shoot till my memory card (2GB) was flat. It was either because I used continuous mode to shoot portraits (this way is better with human models since they tend to move, their eyes tend to close and we ought to capture a moving moment - like walking etc) and shooting some movie for archiving purpoess (may be going to facebook :P). In the end, my memory was flat and I, from dehydration and sunlight exposure, was flat too.

At first, I had the sandwiches I made using ham, cheese slides, horseradish sauce (containing wasabe - try it) and tomatoe ketchup. I had to share my sandwiches with all friends (most of them are new friends) and we ended up going to chicken rice stall. I also had roasted duck rice there. It seemed yummy but not so much - probably because I am flat and tired.

Today, I have some sketch proof on my theory - high heels can make any girl sexy, pretty and good-looking whether they are slim, fat or short. Take a look at the two photo below - taken with normal shoes and high-heeled shoes in the same post by the same girl. Since I didn't get the model's permission yet, her face is covered.

Without High Heels - So-so Model
With High Heels - Pretty Model

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