September 06, 2009

G-Force's Villain Should Go to Arkham Asylum

Onee E* offered desserts for monks in Burmese Buddhist Temple and I was there. There is also a lunch sponsor for monks. They invited us to join the lunch afterwards, but we leave to visit Juncti8n Shopping Center. Lunch as glutinous rice with pork and mushroom. The rice is not well-cooked. My dessert was the coconut jelly that my Onee made. 

After lunch, we watched G-Force - a new feature from Walt Disney. We asked the staff if there is 3D version available there but luck was not on our side. It was a good movie except some flaws and the shadow of Disney itself.

The characterization and introduction is neatly done in a action-pack stealth operation scene within first 10 minutes right after an icy cold opening. If I were the producer/director, I'd make the opening warmer by slicing it and putting it as flashbacks in the opening sequence. I feel disappointed for that straight-to-the-point opening.

Apart from that, the whole movie is fun, comedic, action-packed and well-paced. The villain turned out to be someone who you might encounter in Batman franchise - a little psychotic. The twist is also beautiful. We also have a transformer-like robot there (sorry for the spoiler) but this one is way too less budget/artistic value than that Michael Bay's prodigious kid.

Despite those good values, the movie was too "Disney" with a capital D - that means no one is killed, no one is shown in big trouble, no blood shed and no bad scenes/dirty jokes. Even in a scene of a major catastrophic (villain is winning and causing trouble), no one is seen killed. That's too much.

8 out of 10 !

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