September 20, 2009

Burmese Rice Mixture

Today's lunch is at my aunt's (read "my father's friends couple's") place. They prepared Burmese style rice mixture - with heavy dry prawn flavor. However, I used to have Shan rice mixture - with more soy bean paste. Here, I'll describe a sketch of Burmese rice mixture (I am not so free these days so detailed account of how-to with photos will be in the future.)

First, place rice enough for one person in a bowl. Place some boiled potato (meshed potato is better) into the bowl and mesh it. Put some fried onion along with some oil (a spoon or two) too. (Put half spoon of fish sauce and dry prawns if you like salty taste or put soy bean paste if you like the taste). Boil tomatoes and mix tamarind paste with hot water too. Put the hot water from tamarind paste and boiled tomatoes into your rice bowl. Don't forget the salt and mix well.

Spread some parsley, done !

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