September 24, 2009

Nasi Lemak - Long Time No See

Today's lunch was Nasi Lemak - rice prepared with coconut juice. Burmese also have a similar meal, which we call "Coconut Rice". However, Nasi Lemak - the Malaysian version - is less sleepy than Burmese version obviously because Malays uses coconut milk (sometimes green coconut milk) sparingly while Burmese uses coconut milk in excess with all kinds of Indian spices you can name.

It has been a long time since I had my last dose of Nasi Lemak, may be more than a year ago. After that, I avoided it because I was too busy to be sleepy. Nasi Lemak brought me some memory. It was the first meal I bought in Singapore (but second meal I had in Singapore with some Muslin noodle my Sensai bought in the evening of 10th December 2006 being my first meal). It was also my first breakfast in Singapore. It was S$2.00, I recalled.

Today's Nasi Lemak is S$2.50 - a sign of rising living expense in Singapore. It taste not so good as the coconut milk is thicker than I had expected. Now, I am officially sleepy.

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