July 23, 2009

Supplier's Market

Western as usual from the same old pasta shop (whose owner is quite friendly with me). Today, I was a bit late so that there ain't no pasta anymore. Therefore, I had fish cutlet (fried fish) and mesh potato. Canteens during school holiday are really suppliers' market. Either you have what they have or you starve, no third option. I hate it.

Mesh patato was so tender, today. May be I was very hungry. You can say I was lucky that I get meshed potato, not French fries. Yesterday, I watched Rachael Ray's show (a cooking show I guess), which featured someone who wrote a book named "Eat This, Not That". The guy (the author of the book) explained that, although potato is carbohydrate, it is better meshed than fried for your health. One should rather eat meshed potato than eat fried potato. They (Rachael Ray and the guy) warned not to have more than one fried food in your plate. 

Back to my lab, my heart was pounding since my SoC's standard issue was running an experiment using someone else's code (I modified it though). I am quite relieved to see it's still working (no error). At least, till now.

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