July 21, 2009

Booting up

Today's lunch was late (so was my breakfast) at 14:30. It includes radish and pork rib (plus some unknown leaves) soup, beef, potato and carrot curry and some vegetable. This morning I experience hardship going to toilet :P so I carefully select my cuisine (saying no to normal western food).

I've got an idea about writing a post everyday about my thoughts and ideas in diverse areas - in English. Therefore, I decided to start a new blog consisting of aimless thoughts I used to wonder. I realized I need a regular time to write and, after choosing after lunch hours (sleepy unproductive hours), I name my new blog - "Law Shay - Lunch".

During my meal, the guy from Pasta shop said "Hi". I usually used to have meals at his stalls as he can speak English quite well. I am going to take Chinese lessons coming semester. No. I mean "I must." Currently, I need to avoid "All Chinese, No English" canteen outlets.

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