July 27, 2009

Meal with Remnants

Pork rib in soy sause, pork rib soup with sausages and vegetables. Today's lunch was a remnant of fired garlic noodle two days ago. It's easy to cook based on remnants. The idea is derived from the Burmese monesteries. The kitchen helpers used to combined all food remnants (from the cooking pots, not from the monk's bowl) into a large pot and continued heating them up. The taste was so good that nowadays, some resturants delibrately serve that kind of dish - yet they never get the taste found in monesteries's kitchen.

Back to my cooking, I put some carrots, vegetables, sausage and more boiling water along with some salt into the pork rib soup that I made and kept in the fridge two days ago. After a short while, it's ready to serve.

At the top of the pciture, you can see the fried fish of my land lady. Half-way through my lunch, she poured sweet-n-sour sause into the plate making sweet-n-sour fish. She asked me why I am taking the picture, I joked that I am writing a book about what I have for my lunch for a year like a diary to become a bestseller and she can share the fame, too. She offered my some fish but I had to refused due to my cough :(.

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