July 24, 2009

Lady Finger Memories

Today, I am still coughing but managed to get to school by noon. My breakfast was a small pack of instant noodle and I was hungry by the time I got school. I had my lunch at the Deck (Arts canteen). I had no appetite for meat/fish so I had all vegetable meal (though I consumed some curry paste from chicken curry and fish paste that come with lady finger). You can call my lunch today as semi-vegetarian. I had lady finger with fish paste, fried cauli flower and fried cabbage.

Lady fingers here are almost always cooked together with pickled fish paste. Fish paste tend to make the dish salty. How come those fast food outlets know in advance each customer's like and tolerance to salt (due to hypertension etc). Back in Burma (aka Myanamr), lady fingers are cooked first and served with fish paste in a seperate dish. That's a better way I think.

Talking about lady fingers and fish paste, the first time I consumed them together was just before I left for Singapore (at the age of 22). Before that, I used to eat lady fingers without fish paste - just as my mom always cook. One of my closest friends, LMT, who's also like a little brother to me, made me a parting party (for I am leaving). There was only three people, me, him and one of his close frined - who had been here. Drinking beer, I tried lady finger and fish paste together. 

LMT, now, has got married. His wife's name is much sound like my name with the last syllable the same. I lost contact with him for a year. I must try to contact him not only because he's like my brother but also because his mom is one of the teachers I loved most. His mom taught my 6th Standard (7th year in basic education for those who are not familiar with Burma's education system) class English. She was an exceptionally kind teacher. (She, once, bought me some ice-bar :P)

Leaving the canteen, I met prof Terence Sim. He was the one who introduced me with Bayesian network. He's a little bit confused when I smiled to him - seem not recognize me well or was very hungry. Walking back to my lab, I met the whole graduate office walking up (yes, it's an uphill) to canteen. I waved hand :P.

Back in my lab, my computer is still running the experiment. I need to figure out some optimized (internal)  parameters that that code need to run for my dataset. It's wield and boring.

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