July 30, 2009

My Friend's Dad - R.I.P

My stupid roommate told me he'd have dinner at home last night. I cooked rice for two but his definition of home is not the like mine. The result, my breakfast and lunch was fried rice of the rice that remain overnight. I have fried vegetables remained, too. I stir an egg into the pan - the one with heated oil - and, after a while, mix with the vegetables. Then, rice. Bingo ! Chinese fried rice. (My land lady was so amazed to see me cooking that way. I don't know why)

During lunch time, I rang one of my friends - whose father, I believe, was hospitalized - to encourage him. I was shocked when he said his father had died like a month ago. Upon hearing my voice, he wept. My heart was shaken. I tried my best to say soothing words, but I am not so good at that subject. He is one of my best friend. He is an honest man. He is a very simple man. He taught me calculas back in my second year (i.e. sophomore for those who aren't familiar with my university's system) I really feel pity for him. May his dad's soul Rest In Peace.

Talking about I was bad at soothing mournful friend, I remembered the time when our geography teacher broke the news to the class that our class monitor's (TT's) father had passed away on one 25th of December back in my high school days, I even laughed out - despite my hard effort to control it. My reasoning, on 25th of December, many celebrate the BIRTH of Jesus and his father DIED. I found the fun in the contrasting idea. By the way, that teacher, too, had passed away. R.I.P my beloved teacher.

My cousin's G-talk message was that she feel ashamed of being Asian for the first time. When I asked how, she replied the Vietnameses, Chineses and Indians in her class cheated during the exam. "The Caucasians wore wide eyes ! " she said. I had to told her that since she's been honest, there is no need to be ashamed of. However, I am glad she has that kind of attitude - the spirit.

After my lunch, I attended a seminar - about overcoming the quality curse in data management. That was a good one. I noticed some area that need works. Now, back to the code, bye !

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