July 31, 2009

Code and Thaksin

Today's lunch was Maggi Mee - a famous instant noodle brand in Singapore - with sausage, mixed vegetables and egg. I didn't go to school partly because it is my turn to clean the apartment and partly to do coding without disturbances. My cough was almost gone, for those who worried.

After lunch, I overhauled one of my blogs - http://photo.lawshay.com - and fix some layout in http://www.lawshay.com. I also got a hit counter for each blog. That way, I can know what's happening with my blog.

Today, according to Channel News Asia (CNA), is the birthday of some queen in Thailand. Therefore, protestors (Thaksin's guys in red) marched in the city to ask Queen's pardon for their leader - Thaksin. Today's news was all about that plus that lady's verdict delayed in my country.

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