July 29, 2009

Mr. Nice Doctor

My cough got worse today. I cough so hard. I decided to go to clinic. Lunch was at the canteen near school's clinic. I got my lunch from multiple-award-winning Muslin outlet. One mistake that new students make with that canteen is that they tend to believe Muslin outlet = no pork = no good. It is certainly wrong as the Chinese one at that canteen is the worst of all. Yesterday, I met a newly registered student and he's complaining the food is suck. I asked where did he get and, I don't need his answer - from the Chinese one. I told him that that Muslin outlet is more than cool. I had peas with chicken along with some vegetables.

When I get to the clinic, it was crowded with new students coming to get medical examination - which is required both for school admission and student pass application. In fact, it is just TB X-Rays and HIV test. I also got my new student pass (my old one has expired) earlier this month. When taking the medical check-up, I also took Hepatitis B screening since I hate drawing my blood out multiple times. It has been a couple of years that I had my vaccination so I may need to take it again. I forgot to take the test results to the clinic to ask my doctor. What a mess !

My doctor is so nice. He noticed me for my height. The best part is he gave me some cough syrup containing Promethazine. You know, it Rocks. He asked me to come back next tuesday - free of charge. I must make sure I bring the Hepatitis B screen to him for interpretation.

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